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Those interested in the ever-complicated discussion of fair use as it applies to vidding will appreciate Anita Sarkeesian's How I Fought Against a YouTube Takedown and Eventually Won.

What's particularly relevant is the mention of an organization called New Media Rights, which "provides pro bono legal resources and its free media studio to creators - artists, filmmakers, podcasters, citizen journalists, bloggers, open source software projects, as well as nonprofits." NMR helped Anita restore her video and had some interesting insights about why it was taken down.

And by way of [personal profile] such_heights, I want to be sure to share this video by The Girls on Film. It's a line-for-line scene from the Star Trek reboot, with women cast in the men's roles.

This is an ongoing project of The Girls on Film, who have also done scenes from Fight Club and The Town. The videos are simple, but the impact is striking. Can you imagine women in these roles? How would it change your experience as a filmgoer? How would it change cultural perceptions of what women can do?

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That movie interests me where the existing reboot does not.


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