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This spring has been a struggle for me. As many of you know, I have been a steadfast resister of the incursion of "always on, always reachable" culture. I have never had a mobile phone. I have never had a Facebook account. I check my email all the time, but when I am afk I like to be A F fuckin' K.

Unfortunately, I've been under increasing pressure -- external and self-generated -- to get with the program already. It's not just the gasps of shock and horror when I turn out not to have a phone.* I am actually worried about remaining relevant at my current job and for future jobs. I'm a decent web designer because I am a deep user of the web. The web is going mobile. I...haven't been. You do the math.

And it's the intersection of social and mobile that's the big buzz right now. We're seeing huge growth in our social media channels at work and I have to get more deeply involved in that or face becoming obsolete.

Both of these issues have caused me considerable angst. I fear giving up my "leave work at work" lifestyle. I'm much less worried about outing my fannishness or juggling multiple personae than most fans I know (yes, I did just link to my work website up there), but I still don't like the idea of eroding boundaries between work and play -- mostly because I don't want to be working all the time, performing all the time, composing posts in my head all the time.

In the end, I decided to nudge myself out of my comfort zone, but still keep my most important boundaries: no Facebook, no phone.

Long story short: I now have a twitter account: @laurajshapiro. I am tweeting all of me (why not take all of meeeeee?) there: non-profit techie stuff, feminism stuff, social justice stuff, fannish stuff. Maybe an occasional bit of personal stuff. Followers welcome, of course. Drop me a comment with your handle, and any recommended streams -- I'm looking for people to follow.

Even more amazing, I now have a mobile device! You still can't call me -- it's an iPod Touch -- but you can text me! If you enjoy texting shenanigans, drop me a comment with your #.

*Actually, people under 30 gasp. People over 30 usually say "Good for you!"

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I'm @arnicas, but i tweet very heavily tech/data mining/research and not that frequently fannishly. Sometimes UX :-)


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