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Thank you for your thinky comment!

I'd be just as happy if Pierce weren't on the show at all

I feel the same, but over on LJ, [livejournal.com profile] kiki_miserychic suggests that we need to have someone as the magnet for hate -- and if it weren't Pierce, it'd be Britta. I admit I see her point.

Like you, I regret the loss of those moments of humanity that Pierce used to have. I really hope they find their way back to that.

Oh, Dean Pelton. I love you unreservedly, but I don't think the show respects you very much. ):

Thanks for citing those other times when Britta is right. I feel like I want to make a distinction between those times when she is right and the show acknowledges/celebrates that (which seems quite rare), and the times when she is right but nobody -- including the show -- agrees. I don't think the show agrees with her Jeff-policing, for instance; I think that's more of the having-it-both-ways stuff that I mentioned in my OP.

I am fascinated by your positive spin on Britta being "the worst" -- how that can be a positive thing. I've been reading her as an attempt at the straw feminist trope: humorless, angry, and brittle (I think her name is no accident). The fact that Gillian Jacobs' performance transcends this, and that the show is forward-thinking enough to let her have a sex life, rescues her from this trope to some extent, but I still have a problem.

It's not her awkwardness or the fact that she makes a number of stupid mistakes. I agree that those things make her well-rounded and human. I don't want a character who's perfect, or even trying to be (though I love Annie). What I have a problem with is the constant bashing from her so-called friends. They call her "the worst", they use her name to mean failure, they roll her eyes and groan when she talks, they call her a buzzkill and say she ruins everything -- and they do it to her face.

I agree the Glee episode did a lot to redeem this, but one episode doesn't make up for all that meanness. Your point about them being protective, I dunno, I see it, but at the same time, what kind of friend is it who is mean to you all the time and won't ever take you seriously? Hell, the group isn't even that mean to Pierce. I just...my heart aches for her.

Like I said in my squee post, I'm sure I over-identify with her, so possibly I'm more sensitive on her behalf than most people would be. But I was struck, while clipping for my Britta vid, how very much like my Anya vid ("Ing") this has the potential to be. Britta's relationships are defined largely by reaction shots of her friends rolling their eyes and facepalming. It's not a social life I would want, that's for sure.
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