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Cue music

"It's the moooooost wonderful tiiiiiiiiiiime of the yeeeeeeeeeeear..."

Seriously, how cool is Festivids? Don't you love it? Which is your favorite part, making vids that you know somebody's going to love like their very own special teddybear made of nostalgia and pie, or getting a vid like that that somebody made just for you? Or making sneaky treats for your friends?

You gotta admit it's all pretty cool. And in order that cool should rule, I'm gonna help you out with just a few details about my likes and dislikes. Because sometimes a few signposts on the road are helpful. But please, have fun. That's the most important thing.

You'll notice I didn't give you any hints about music. That's because I pretty much like it all. I encourage you to use any song that inspires you, as long as it doesn't primarily consist of screaming (a little screaming is okay). I am open to any genre and anything that you feel captures the source and what you want to say about it.

I particularly like

  • vocal harmony

  • piano

  • complex and/or unusual percussion

But your song need not include any of these to make me happy. Indeed, your song need not be a song; spoken word vids are really cool too.

About the sources: Behind the cut, I've linked to trailers for them, and provided a little bit more detail than I offered on my signup form.

An Education
This is a movie I love in a deeply personal way. I have a super-strong identification with the central character, who reminds me so much of who I was as a teenager. I particularly appreciate her matter-of-fact approach to sexuality. If I'd met David, I would have done exactly what Jenny did.

I think there are lots of things to be said here about class, if you wanted to go the thinky route. Or a character study of Jenny or David would be great. There's potential for something about roles for women in the world of the film -- that would be amazing. You could also just show me all the gorgeous costumes to an upbeat swing soundtrack. That would be great, too.

The Heat
This movie brought me so much joy this year. I am not the buddy-cop type (except for that one time when I was a hardcore Due South fan), but apparently if you cast two women as the cops and make a smart funny feminist buddy-cop movie that plays on every buddy-cop trope, I am in there like swimwear.

Mullins. Ashburn. Ashburn and Mullins. Ashburn/Mullins. All of these things are JOY. I'd be happy with a serious vid or a funny one, something slow or something actiony, or anything at all celebrational.

My Favorite Year
(Warning: trailer spoils the entire movie.)
I can't believe I forgot to mention this when I first posted this letter! What a great movie. ::sigh:: It gives me 80s nostalgia when it's supposed to be giving me 50s nostalgia. Mark Linn-Baker's performance is an absolute triumph, Jessica Harper as K.C. has never been more charismatic and genuine, and Peter O'Toole is Peter Fucking O'Toole (pun very much intended). Admittedly there is some "funny alcoholism" and the wacky hijinks are firmly in the 80s style of "let's hit on women and knock over a tray of cream pies", but it manages to be witty and full of heart for all that.

I would love a madcap comic romp, a serious character study of Alan Swann, or a lighthearted look at Benjy and K.C.'s romance. But anything you feel like making would be lovely! Bonus points for using a song from 1954.

Orange is the New Black
There is so much to say about this show! I think there are a lot of valid criticisms about centering a privileged white woman in this narrative (even as the show itself both uses that and pokes it with a stick). I'd be totally happy with something critical or meta like that, but I'd also love slash, or character study of anybody, or a feel-good ensemble vid -- anything, really.

I am leaving this wide open for you.

Six Feet Under (This links to a fan-made trailer; I can't seem to find anything official.)
This show pwns me. Its first season is among the more perfect pieces of art I've seen, and its ability to make you care so deeply about so many people is my favorite thing about it. There are lots of ways to go with a SFU vid: serious character studies seem an obvious choice, though there's a wealth of comic potential and of course a lot of great relationships to draw from. The show is visually stunning so there's a lot of fun to be had from a purely aesthetic point of view, too.

Brenda is my girl. While I love all the characters and would appreciate a portrait of any of them, or an exploration of any relationships, I would adore a Brenda vid.

Sports Night (Unfortunate DVD promo trailer is unfortunate.)
This show gets more requests than vids every year, so I can assure you that if you decide to make a Sports Night vid you're going to have the love of a lot of people, not just me. Vidding Aaron Sorkin shows isn't easy, but I have lived to tell the tale myself, so I know it can be done. The few SN vids I've seen were rather serious and heart-melty, and I love them for it, but I think there's an opportunity for a funny SN vid. The show has a fair bit of physical humor and some priceless facial expressions.

I love all the characters and I ship everybody with everybody. Everything about this show is my favorite. Go nuts.

Star Trek - Next Generation (Oh, 1990s TV promos, you are adorable.)
This was one of my very first fandoms, and certainly my very first "appointment TV" show. I just completed a rewatch of this show and all the movies, and I am awash in rekindled TNG love. Captain Picard was my first fictional crush object, and it turns out I still find him hot like burning. Good to know! It all feels very fresh to me right now. I am even dragging out my old Star Fleet uniform for Halloween this year.

I am most interested in Picard, especially anything to do with Borg-related PTSD, but a Data vid would also be cool. And if you want to go all out, I think the world needs a deep character study of Worf, including his time on DS9 as well as TNG and all the Klingon politics and relationship drama.

on 2013-10-13 07:59 pm (UTC)
jae: (sixfeetundergecko)
Posted by [personal profile] jae
Whoa, I didn't know you were a Six Feet Under fan, and I certainly didn't know you were a Brenda fan. What happened to your whole aversion to realistic stuff? :)


on 2013-10-13 09:26 pm (UTC)
jae: (Default)
Posted by [personal profile] jae
Right, but when I said that (about West Wing), you made it sound like it was the One And Only Exception! But okay, now I've consciously registered and filed away that there are at least two. :)

I luuuuuurved Brenda. I should revisit her sometime.



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