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2009-08-11 07:55 am
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Rec: Jack as The Face of Boe fic, plus other transformative works

[personal profile] concertigrossi wrote a wonderful story about how Jack becomes the Face of Boe -- except it's not really about that, it's about the promise Jack gives Ianto in CoE, and how he strives to keep it. The story is called In Perpetuity, and I highly recommend it.

The story ends with a chant. It would be spoiling you for the story to tell you too much about that, but [personal profile] rm recorded herself singing it, and it's haunting and beautiful.

There's also a lovely graphic by [profile] laurab1.

This kind of thing reminds me of how much I love fandom.
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2008-04-17 01:20 pm
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Vividcon dreams, Vividcon planning, and a few geeky links

I dreamed I went to Vividcon with [ profile] spike21, and we stumbled late into a vidshow (after waiting for the door volunteer to buzz us in, of course) and found seats in the dark. We got to sit between [ profile] heresluck and [ profile] sdwolfpup, from whom I collected squeeing hugs. The show's theme was "Friendships" -- have we had that one yet? -- and I remember a sweet Buffy and Willow vid, and a movie vid where a guy with a mustache was grabbing for his friend's hand. ::happy::

Speaking of Vividcon, suggestions are now being collected for this year's themed vid shows. Speaking as one of the VJs, we could use your help!

I can't thank [ profile] counteragent and [ profile] cesperanza enough for stepping up to mod the panel I came up with, and we're looking for vids to put in the accompanying show, now appropriately renamed "Vids That Push the Envelope". Here's the show description:
Dramatically new visual styles, political issues, social commentary, unusual source, real-person vids, dramatic AUs –- many recent vids challenge us to expand our concept of fannish vidding. Do we make vids for the same reasons we've always made them? What are vids doing now that is new, or is there nothing new under the sun? Are there new trends in vidding, or are these just evolutions of older forms? How far can we push the envelope and still consider our creations fan vids? Our categories are still fluid, so suggest vids that capture your imagination.

Some of the vids we're considering include:

If you can think of other vids that seem to fit the panel topic, please suggest them!


Torchwood peeps: am I the last fan in the world to see this article? It's an academic-ish piece called "Fanning the Flames: how the ‘queer space’ of the internet and the writing of fan fiction enhances the fictional universe of Torchwood", and it namechecks [ profile] taraljc and enthuses about the stopwatch and generally reads like one of us, one of us. I am amused that P.'s supervisor at the counseling clinic sent him the link. Evidently she was wearing a Torchwood T-shirt the other day. (:

P. also sent me this hilarious article, Weakest Con Artists of the Distant Future. I won't spoil you for the best bits, but I will say Harry Mudd tops the list, and Captain Jack Harkness gets a mention. I note that seems to be a site worth following. I quite liked the recap there for the latest Doctor Who episode. Possibly a good site to replace the Bravo-ified and sadly reduced TWOP.

Finally, [ profile] cryptoxin links to Gays in Primetime: A Special Investigative Report. Good stuff here on the politics of representation in the media and the way shows are conceived and cast.


In case you've been wondering why I'm not posting, it's because I CAN HAZ DOCYOUMENTAREEZ. I'm spending every available moment cutting cutting cutting, and the results are promising, but I'm kind of beat. I miss you all very much, in case you couldn't tell from the Vividcon dream.
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2007-01-02 01:19 pm
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I caved: Torchwood Finale

I have no problem at all with Jack being Angel 2.0... )

I don't expect to watch next season, but I'm glad I tuned in for this.